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2-Stroke diesel engine
Chain guide bar
Chain guide bar prevents damages of a chain and engine frame as a shock absorbing device and protector, when starting operation of the engine and ship inclining.
Benefit of using USAM chain guide bar
USAM is the only company having a patent on chain guide bar and technology for specific adhesion between rubber and steel in Korea. Beyond manufacturing the item, through technical development continuously, USAM has tried to improve it for durability and easy repair.
2-Stroke diesel engine
Spring housing
Spring housing is installed on a cylinder cover for 2-Stroke diesel engine and absorbs impact of reaction force of fuel injection valve when a fuel injection valve sprays fuel oil.
Benefit of using USAM Spring housing
USAM consider quality is top priority. Reaction force of a fuel injection valve are different by engine type and RPM. So, before releasing them, all of them are tested by exclusive pressure test device.
4-Stroke diesel engine
Valve rotator
USAM valve rotator is applicable to all type of 4-stroke diesel engine and can also be custom-made to suit your own requirements.
Why Valve rotator is important.
Valve rotator increases durability of a valve spindle and a valve seat by rotating a valve spindle. Rotation prevent stocking carbon-deposit and one-side wear of valve spindle, and distributes temperature of a valve spindle and a valve seat.
Benefit of using USAM valve rotator.
USAM is a company developing a valve rotator first in Korea. Since 2000, we have provided our own products to HHI and Doosan Engine. Especially, we developed a valve rotator by our own technology and have achieved recognition from customers through continuous technical development.